One man band
Custom Orchestra of any size
Arranging, original compositions
Recording studio available for any audio project
Concert format
Looking for a one man band? With David Flug on the keyboard you can count on the best repertoire of music possible. From contemporary Orthodox to classical to Broadway to the classics of American pop, all done on state of the art equipment for your listening pleasure.

Think you need a 12 piece band? Think again. Most people are unaware that a six piece band doesn't sound much different than a much larger band. But it costs a lot less. Deemyon gives you the band you need, not the band that someone wants to sell you.

Need an original song? As a songwriter of a hundred songs both Jewish and secular, David Flug can provide music and lyrics for your audio project or even for your wedding. We can also arrange and transcribe your music for a band or ensemble to play.

Hinten studios in central Queens is Deemyon headquarters for recording. Whether you are a budding singer putting out a new CD or MP3. or a school choir Hinten studio may be right for you for any type of audio project.

Putting on a concert or fundraiser? The Deemyon concert format is just different enough for your show to be a breath of fresh air.